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Surge Protection

When it comes to electrical surges, Mother Nature has a "thing" for North Carolina, especially on the Outer Banks.  North Carolina experiences the second highest number of lightning strikes in the United States.  Because of our area's uniqueness, we can be susceptible to damaging electrical surges. Surges can be caused by a variety of events. The most common is lightning, but birds, animals, and automobiles can cause damaging surges as well. Here's where you can learn how to protect your home and sensitive electronic equipment.  Lightening in a dark night sky

To help protect your appliances, sensitive electronics, and heating and cooling systems, CHEC offers the PowerGuard Program. PowerGuard includes a surge device installed at your meter base that suppresses external surges before they reach your valuable appliances and electronics. 

Surges within your home may be a result of the switching on and off of heavy equipment or large motors. The meter base unit protects against external surges.

Members have the option to buy the PowerGuard Service for $173.99 + NC Tax or lease the service for $6.99/month.

To sign up for the PowerGuard meter base program, visit or call our office at (800)454-5616 or (252)995-5616.




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