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Member Photo Contest

2016-17 Photo Contest Winners:

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our Member Photo Contest! The following entires have been selected as winners of this year's contest.  These photos will be featured in the 2018 Member Calendar.  Calendars will be given away at the Annual Meeting on May 15 and available in our office post-meeting.

A rainbow over Oregon Inlet, North Carolina with a charter boat running through the inlet. Taken from the top of the Bonner Bridge on a clear blue sky day.

1st Place: Pamela Sumner

This photo was taken of a rainbow over Oregon Inlet from the top of the Bonner Bridge.

Glassy grey Pamlico Sound with grey and pink sky and large fluffy clouds and a piece of a broken dock.  Photo taken in Buxton North Carolina the morning after Hurricane Matthew passed.

2nd Place:

Elizabeth Browning Fox

This photo was taken of the Pamlico Sound off of Buxton showing the devastation and aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. 

Orange and pink sky sunrise sky over the broken remains of the Frisco Fishing Pier on Hatteras Island North Carolina.

3rd Place:

Lisa Cronrath 

This photo was taken of the sunrise behind the remains of the Frisco Pier.

Rainbow over the Pamlico Sound with grey sky and Brigand's Bay houses in the background

Calendar Winner:

"Calm Before the Storm"

By Pete Coady

Frisco, NC

Sunset over the Pamlico Sound in Buxton, NC with pink and red sky and a broken snow fence in the foreground.

Calendar Winner:

"Day's End"

by Jan Pate

Buxton, NC

Silhouette of boy and dog in front of the Pamlico sound with a yellow and orange sunset sky

Calendar Winner:

"A boy and his dog"

by Lesa Marie Stevenson

Avon, NC

A sandcastle on the beach with a blue sky background and seashell decorations

Calendar Winner:

"Beachfront Property"

by Leslie Ferguson

Pea Island, NC

Silhouette of a Hatteras Ocracoke ferry boat with the sun setting over the pamlico sound in the background

Calendar Winner:

"Ferry Sunset"

by Gordon Wicker

Hatteras, NC

A grey great dane sits on the beach in front of a large wooden piece of a ship wreck that washed up on the shoreline in Hatteras, NC.  Blue sky, beach dunes and the Atlantic Ocean are in the background

Calendar Winner:

"KayDee & the Wreck"

by Charlie Hornfeck

​Hatteras, NC

Dark grey skies with the sun sitting low on the horizon and sea oats in the foreground. A stormy sunset on Hatteras Island North Carolina

Calendar Winner:

"Stormy Sky's"

by Richard Shoaf

Salvo, NC

Sunset peaking through trees and reflecting off of sound side flood waters during the hours after Hurricane Matthew passed over Hatteras Island

Calendar Winner:

"Sunset on the flood water after the storm" (Matthew)

by Joan Huggins

Frisco, NC

A young buck trots across the shallow water of the slash creek in Hatteras North Carolina

Calendar Winner:

"Why Did the Deer Cross the Slash?"

by Laura Young

Hatteras, NC




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