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Ecobee Thermostats

“Bee” a Part of Our Thermostat Program

Finding ways to help you, our cooperative members, save energy and money is a priority at CHEC. We believe that little changes add up to big savings, and now we’re offering you a “little change” to improve the efficiency of your home and keep money in your pocket. 

We are selling ecobee3 thermostats to members at a discounted price. This “smart” thermostat takes the energy-savings features of a programmable thermostat – designating temperatures for certain times of the day – and, through technology, it allows you to control its settings remotely from your smart phone or computer. And because the thermostat is wi-fi enabled, you can see real-time data about your energy consumption, enabling you to make informed decisions about how to set your thermostat and manage your energy use.

Members of CHEC can purchase an ecobee3 thermostat at a discounted rate of $50, if home is all electric, or $100, if home is gas/electric (retail $250).  

Members with all electric homes, who purchase a thermostat and agree to participate in CHEC load control events, will receive a $4 credit on their monthly electricity bill.

After installation is complete, your ecobee3 will periodically receive signals from CHEC during times when the demand for electricity is greatest and therefore most expensive. Our signals, which will be accompanied by a message to your thermostat and an e-mail, will raise the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees in the summer and lower it in the winter.

By lowering energy use throughout our system during times of peak demand, we are able to lower our power costs. Because electric cooperatives are not-for-profit, those savings are passed on to you, meaning the little changes really are adding up to big savings.

To purchase your ecobee3 thermostat, call (252)995-5616. It’s a move that’s good for your wallet, good for your cooperative and good for the environment. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Who can participate?

Members must have a compatible HVAC system in good working order and have a wireless wi-fi router at the residence.


Which HVAC systems is ecobee3 compatible with?

ecobee3 is compatible with 95% of residential heating and cooling systems in North America. To ensure ecobee3 will work with your home, visit


Who installs my ecobee3?

You are welcome to self install the thermostat or have a licensed HVAC technician put it in for you.  Call our office for a list of licensed HVAC technicians.


What does it mean when CHEC has an “event”?

An event is defined as each time the thermostat is called upon to adjust the temperature. During an event, your home’s temperature is moved up or down from the normal setting, depending on the season.


How will I be notified of an upcoming event?

Each participant will receive an event notification on the ecobee3 thermostat screen, through the mobile app and via email.


How much does the ecobee3 cost?

CHEC members can purchase an ecobee3 thermostat at a discounted rate of $50 (if home is all electric) or $100 (if home is gas/electric).  ecobee3 thermostats are currently on the retail market for $250. Additional sensors can be purchased from CHEC for a reduced rate of $50/sensor.


Do I get credit for participating?

Yes.  Members who have electric air conditioning and heat, and who have properly installed their ecobee3, will receive a $4 credit on their monthly electricity bill.


How many times a month will CHEC control my thermostat?

CHEC may issue up to eight (8) events per month.


How long will a load control event last?

The maximum duration of any event will be no more than 6 hours.


What can an ecobee3 do that my traditional thermostat can’t?

ecobee3 gives you the freedom to control your thermostat when you’re not home, by using the mobile app or web portal. Set your thermostat higher or lower depending on who’s home or if the home is vacant. Remote sensors also monitor the temperature in more than one location, ensuring your home is being heated or cooled in the most efficient way.  For a full list of features, visit 


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